Samsung U Flex review: Good enough even if it misses some notes

this year.

U-Flex earphones are the successor to Samsung’s Level-U earphones which cost Rs 2,999. U-Flex, then again, expenses of Rs 4,999. Much the same as Samsung’s cell phones, these earphones are accessible in three great hues – Black, Blue and White.

To the extent the outline and execution are concerned, while Level U earphones may have neglected to inspire the faultfinders, U Flex earphones offer a huge change over its ancestor, at any rate on the execution front. On the plan front, in any case, U Flex earphones are a cross between Level U earphones and Audio Technica’s Bluetooth earphones, which I audited a month ago. Essentially, as far as looks they are neither here, nor there.

So, U Flex earphones are not by any stretch of the imagination tragic looking. Samsung’s lively hues do to some degree adjust for the exhausting plan. Furthermore, they offer tolerable sound quality. Aside from this, U Flex earphones accompany some extremely intriguing highlights which incorporate a small scale USB port, attractive heads and a help catch for Samsung’s own computerized partner Bixby.

On the execution front, U flex earphones function admirably with most Bollywood numbers. They are especially great with delicate and melodious tunes like Arijit Singh’s Bolna, AR Rahman’s Maahi Ve and Tere Bina and pop tunes like Jessie J’s Flashlight and Backstreet Boys’ Downpour.Samsung U Flex remote earphones sport a basic yet exhausting plan. As specified before, the plan appears a hybrid between its ancestors Level U earphones and Audio Technica ATH-ANC40BT earphones. The earphones includes a water-safe silicone neck band, which houses a goliath battery on one side and volume controls, play and respite catches, control catch and small scale USB port on the opposite side.

The two closures of the neck-band are associated with two fragile looking wires that interface with the attractive ear pieces. While the attractive heads are a pleasant element to have in a couple of remote earphones, it’s the general outline that neglected to inspire me. First off the two wires interfacing the neck-band with the ear pieces, other than getting caught effortlessly, are to a great degree sensitive and it appears that they will snap any minute. Also, the arrangement of the controls doesn’t motivate much trust in the earphones either. You either need to get to your cell phone to change the volume or turn the neck band to a more agreeable position to have the capacity to get to the controls-all of which don’t make it an agreeable bit of device to keep around your neck.

To add to the rundown of things that appear to be awry with its outline is the state of the ear plugs. Samsung claims that its shiny new match of remote earphones are perfect for use at the rec center or amid a powerful exercise session. Be that as it may, in my almost two-weeks of involvement with the gadget, the earplugs turned out effortlessly even while I am composing a snappy news story sitting on my workstation.

By correlation, OnePlus’ Bullets remote earphones, which I surveyed prior, offered better solidness and a less demanding access to the controls. They additionally offer an auto stop highlight when the attractive heads are joined, that too at a hardly lower cost of Rs 3,990.


I tried Samsung U Flex earphones for almost two weeks and amid my use I found that these earphones offer a not too bad solid quality. For most parts, the sound is entirely adjusted. Be it acoustic numbers like The Piano Guys’ A Thousand Years and K-pop artist Kim Hyung Joong’s Because I’m Stupid or sweet Bollywood melodies like Lata Mangeshkar’s Agar Tum Sath Ho and Arijit Singh’s Bandeya. The sound is immersive and for most parts you’ll appreciate the music in your ears. Be that as it may, this is likewise the point where the issue emerges. had a go at tuning in to a progression of melodies like independent people number Skinny Love by Birdy, Illahi by Mohit Chauhan and well known pop tune A New Day Has Come by Celine Dion, and I understood that the mids are not as clear as I might want them to be, particularly since Samsung is charging 5 thousand for this match. Despite what might be expected, OnePlus Bullets offers a completely clear stable.

Be that as it may, U Flex gets where OnePlus Bullets flounders. The issue with Bullets earphones is that they highlight the highs a lot. U Flex, then again, is similarly more adjusted. Yet, that doesn’t imply that it is pitch culminate. U Flex too vacillates in such manner only not as much as Bullets. I tuned in to Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay, and Nagade Sangh Dol Baje by Shreya Ghoshal and not exclusively did the pitch get complemented to fringe screechy yet it influenced me to acknowledge how simple it was for these earphones to forget about the lucidity which as most clients will concur is a standout amongst the most imperative factors that one searches for in a couple of earphones particularly while contributing a nice sum.

Other than tuning in to music, you can utilize the Bixby catch to conjure you Google Assistant or access S Voice, or, in other words in close to home computerized associate accessible on Samsung cell phones. They likewise end up being a helpful accomplice when taking care of a large number of calls.If there is one thing that you can credit Samsung for will be for giving a decent battery in this combine of earphones. Samsung U Flex earphones gloat a decent battery life. The Korean cell phone producer asserts that the battery would keep going for a time of 9 hours on a solitary charge. What’s more, consistent with its case these earphones do bolster you for 8.5-9 hours on nonstop utilization with no hiccups.

Would it be advisable for me to get it?

That can be somewhat dubious inquiry to reply, as this combine of earphones are somewhat expensive for the highlights that it offers. Be that as it may, for most parts, the appropriate response is a basic yes. As I would see it, U Flex earphones are perfect on the off chance that you are searching for a couple of earphones that can join your requirement for a mono-Bluetooth headset alongside an OK sound quality.

So, they beyond any doubt are somewhat overrated in their market section as different organizations are putting forth better highlights at an insignificantly diminished expense. In any case, on the off chance that you are a Samsung follower and in the event that you would prefer not to overdo it in a mid-spending plan and premium earphones, U Flex are unquestionably worth considering.

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